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I first learned of Ketamine therapy from a doctor I worked with in hospice. She was using the miraculous medication for people with resistant pain and depression. I suffered horrific abuse as a child and have had PTSD, depression, and severe anxiety since childhood. I also have an autoimmune disease called “Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia”. After [some] research I chose Illuminate Ketamine Center. It has changed my life.

[A]fter the first treatment I had less pain. By the third, I was pain free. My depression, anxiety, and PTSD are severe. I had tried multiple medications and nothing worked. My mind would race and I had flashbacks to the abuse daily. After starting the Ketamine the first thing I noticed was that my mind wasn’t racing. I did not have the persistent feelings of guilt and shame. It was like a candle flame that continued to grow. Now I am depression free. My husband Joel noticed huge changes immediately. I actually feel amazing.

Sheila and Emily are wonderful and caring. I would recommend this service to anyone who struggles with pain, depression, anxiety, or PTSD. It changed my life and I believe it will help many others. Going to the Illuminate Ketamine Center was the best decision I have made.

~ Sylvia R.


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